FarmTTS - Text to Speech Q-SYS Plugin
Convert Text to Audio in Real Time
The FarmTTS Q-SYS Plugin is a tool used to dynamically convert any text string to spoken word audio in real time. The text to be converted can either be entered during programming and triggered for conversion in runtime (fixed announcements) OR the text string can be dynamically generated and converted, all in runtime (dynamic announcements). Using Google's DeepMind AI Technology, the FarmTTS plugin provides users the ability to select between many different voices in multiple languages, automatically translate the provided string to the selected language and adjust the speed as well as the pitch.

  • Dynamic Emergency Evacuation Announcements
  • Dynamic Courtesy Announcements
  • Transportation Arrival/Departure Announcements
  • Audible Status Reports

  • Simply drop the plugin into your design from the Asset Manager in Q-SYS Designer or download the plugin using the link below for a 30 day free trial! Use the Buy Now section on the right to select the desired license duration and purchase a license. Your new license will be operational within 10 minutes of a completed purchase.

    Custom license durations and character conversion maximums are also available! Please contact Support to learn more.

    Check out the FAQ section for additional information or contact Support for assistance.

    The Core Locking ID and a valid email address are required to purchase a FarmTTS license. If you reached this site using the QR code provided on the plugin within Q-SYS Designer or by clicking on the link contained in the email you received, the Locking ID and Email Address should be automatically provided in the fields to the right. Otherwise, if you wish to purchase a license please enter the Core Locking ID and a valid email address on the right, or install the plugin and use the link provided in the email or use the QR code provided in the plugin to return to this site with this data automatically populated.
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    Current Version: 1.9
  • Core access to the internet
  • Q-SYS Designer Version 9.4.3 or higher
  • Q-SYS Scripting License
  • Q-SYS Audio Player (1 channel)
  • Support   FAQ